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More Features By United Airlines To Accommodate More Smart Devices


Undeterred by the fact of the threat of corporate consolidation, United Airlines is still maintaining its position as the fourth biggest airline carrier in the United States. It serves 79 million passengers alone in last 12 months and they are aiming to stay there.

For smart devices like Google Assistant and Fitbit Ionic smartwatch, United has released various applications recently. The Google Assistant app allows customers to check flight information by using its smart speakers and smartphones. Recipients will say “talk to united” and they will automatically hear the status of their flight and can check in. Linking the devices with United’s MileagePlus frequent flyer program is also required.

United’s app will also let Fitbit customers have the flight information, check in and obtain a boarding pass. Customers are required to sync their account with the MileagePlus account with the United app, to use this service on the smartphone.

United is the 1st airline to do such sort of thing as the company wants to get ahead of trends it seems before the idea isn’t innovative anymore.

The airline also released a skill for Amazon Alexa back in September, in addition to these new apps. It has the ability that a customer can book flight tickets and check flight statuses through partnerships with Expedia and Kayak.

It is clear that people will be choosing devices more and more to access information, and using the apps like the United is releasing.