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Digital Newspapers To Be Offered By Finnair On Long-Haul Flights


The company mentioned in the press release that the passengers of Finnair will enjoy a wide variety of digital international newspapers on long-haul flights.

As the newspapers are available on a local network, the passengers will not need to sign into the Wi-Fi on board, also not pressurizing to charge the passengers for Wi-Fi connection.

Finnair’s A330 and A350 aircraft has a Nordic sky portal onboard on which the papers can be read, and the traditional versions will phase out as the digital papers are made available to Finnair.

One of the new flight’s services which connect the destination such as Bangkok, Shanghai, and Singapore with Helsinki is one of the long haul flights by Finnair, on which digital newspapers will be offered.

More than a variety of 50 international newspapers offering was promised by Finnair.