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Delta Airlines Policy for Ticket Cancellation, Delay and Refund Status


Flyers must be aware of different policies so that they can save their time and money. Most of the people are not aware of rules and regulations so that they may have to suffer the loss of money. There are many options to cancel, book and refund of the ticket without paying extra. Here we are with the policies of Delta Airlines that can be helpful for you.

Cancellation Policy of Delta Airlines:

The Cancellation Policy and procedure of Delta Airlines depend on the type of ticket. There are two types of ticket for each class i.e refundable and non-refundable. Basically, the Economy type is the non-refundable and non-changeable ticket.

  • For charge-free cancellation of ticket, you have to cancel within 24 hours of booking a flight.
  • After 24 hours the cancellation of an economy class is not permitted.
Time Period    Non-Refundable     Refundable
After 24 hours    $200-500 + Fare Difference   No Charge+ Fare Difference
Within 24 Hours from Departure  Starts from $75 if seats are available Starts from $75 if seats are available

Ways to Cancel a Ticket:

Within 24 hours of booking: It is known as Risk-free cancellation. If you have booked the flight directly through Delta Airlines then you have the right to cancel the flight and receive a full refund.

Steps for cancellation of refundable ticket:

  • On the website of Delta Find Your Trip or Log In.
  • Then go to My Trips.
  • Click your Trip or Log In, and go to My Trips.
  • Select the trip you need to cancel.
  • Select ‘Cancel Flight’ button and follow the steps.
  • Receive a full refund, which will be automatically issued to your original form of payment.

Steps for cancellation of non-refundable ticket:

For non-refundable tickets, you will be charged a cancellation fee that is deducted from the original cost of the flight. The cancellation fee will be around $200 which depends on the fare rules.

  • On the website of Delta Find Your Trip or Log In.
  • Then go to My Trips.
  • Select the trip you need to cancel.
  • Select ‘Cancel Flight’ button and follow the steps.

What Delta Airline Offers at the time of Delay:

Delta Airline ensures some key-points to make the passengers comfortable. In case of delay, cancellation, or any diversion the airline will notify you about the status of delays or cancellation reason within 30 minutes. It can be announced in:

  • Boarding Gate Area through (GIDS) Gate Information Display screens.
  • Through FIDS i.e Flight Information Display Screen
  • On the official website of Delta Airlines
  • If a flight is canceled by airline then you can ask for the refund.
  • If a flight is delayed about 90 minutes or more then for the unused portion of the ticket customer have the right to ask for the refund.
  • In the case of a tarmac delay, the customer will be served with food, water, and medical attention within 2 hours after the delay.

Ask a Refund of Ticket:

If an airline cancels the ticket of a passenger then the airline will refund the unused part of the ticket.

If the cancellation is from your side then there is also an option to get the refund of a ticket.

  • If you ask within 24 hours then you can make a cancellation and ask for the refund for the ticket.
  • After 24 hours the situation depends on the type of ticket you have booked. For a basic economy, the refund or change in the ticket is not permitted.

For Refundable Ticket:

  • After 24 Hours: Refundable
  • 24 hours Before Departure: Refundable

For Non-Refundable Ticket:

  • After 24 Hours: Remaining Value – Cancellation Fee from $ 200- 500
  • 24 Hours Before Departure: Remaining Value – Cancellation Fee from $ 200- 500

Refund Process:

The airline will cancel your itinerary if you ask for the refund.

  • Credit Card: The payment will be refunded at the credit card account by which you have paid for the ticket. The process will take typically around 7 business days to complete.
  • Card/ Cash: Tickets which are paid for by the cash or cards will be refunded to the person whose name is mentioned on the ticket. This process will take around 20 daysto complete.
  • In the case of international refunds it may take some more time to complete the process.

The refund status can be checked online or you may call directly on the number provided on the Delta’s website.

May these points will help you in making you aware of little things if you are a flyer.


  • Can I cancel my Delta flight and get a refund?

Ans: Yes, you can cancel your Delta flights and get a refund. You can get a refund within 24 hours of purchasing your ticket.

  • How much does it cost to cancel a flight with Delta?

Ans: If you cancel the ticket within 24 hours then there are no cancellation charges.

In case you are cancelling after 24 hours there are cancellation charges. It starts at $200 and depends on your itinerary.

  • Can you change Delta flights for free?

Ans: Yes, you can change the Delta flight but you have to pay some penalty charges for this. In case you are changing the flight within 24 hours of the booking, it is for free. There are no charges for that.

  • Are Delta tickets transferable?

Ans: Delta tickets are not transferrable. The tickets are valid to the named customer only. Hence you are advised to read the ticket rules carefully at the time of purchase.

  • Can I reschedule my flight?

Ans: Yes, you can reschedule your flight. But the airlines will charge you some fee. This fee varies from airline to airline. It depends on your itinerary.


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