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Everything You Need to Know About Delhi Airports New Runway


Delhi Airport is also known as Indira Gandhi International Airport. However, it recently unveiled its new runway to enhance its operational capacity. Additionally, accommodate the growing number of flights. Therefore, Delhi airport new runway named 11-29, is a significant addition to the airport’s infrastructure.

In fact, the new runway was originally built to accommodate increased air traffic. Furthermore, it’s outfitted with cutting-edge technology and meets international safety standards to ensure smoother operations. After all, the runway built to handle a variety of aircraft, including big commercial planes.


More Details on Delhi Airport New 4th Runway

This new runway at Delhi Airport is going to be 4,430 meters long. Therefore, it will make it one of the longest runways in India. Likewise, its length enables safe aircraft takeoff and landing. Nevertheless, it is also safe to take off in bad weather. In fact, the runway has cutting-edge lighting systems installed to guarantee visibility during night operations.


Benefits of New Runway for Flights And Passengers

With the addition of the Delhi airport fourth runway at Delhi Airport, it can now handle a higher number of flights. Additionally, it helps to  reduce congestion and improve overall efficiency. Hence, this development is most important for the airport, as it serves as a major hub for domestic and international travel.

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The addition of a new runway at Delhi Airport is evidence of ongoing efforts to improve the facility’s infrastructure and offer travellers a comfortable journey. In short, it elevates Delhi’s status as a major regional transportation hub while also assisting the aviation industry’s growth.


Civil Aviation Minister Statement

The addition of a new runway and terminal expansion, according to the minister of civil aviation, will greatly improve the capacity to serve over 109 million people. However, it surpassed even Atlanta’s capabilities. In the next three to four years, India’s fleet capacity is expected to increase from 720 to nearly 1500 aircraft.  Furthermore, India’s metro capacity currently accommodates around 221 million passengers. Similarly, it’s expected to grow to 400 million passengers in the near future.

Finally, the Delhi airport new runway represents a significant step forward in the airport’s expansion plans. In addition, it improves operational capacity, efficiency, and passenger safety and comfort. For more information regarding special deals and offers, contact MintFares.