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Cost Of Travel With Your Pets From USA To India


Pets travel from USA to India is one of the most important concerns for all the pet lovers. Booking flights for yourself is not something very unusual but when you travel with your pets, you definitely need to be all prepared. In fact, when you fly with your pets, travel plans surely take quite different turns. So if you own a dog or a cat and have some concerns or queries about how to make travel arrangements for them, this blog will help you a great deal.

Moreover, different countries have diverse pet policies when it’s about transporting them. If you are a proud owner of a furry friend of yours and planning to travel from USA to India, we have got something special for you. To point out, one of the most crucial things to consider is budgeting your expenses. It’s important to realize that every aviation carrier has some specific stipulations that need to be followed while traveling with your pets.


Making Necessary Pet Travel Arrangements For Pets Travel From USA To India

If you wish to travel with your pet on domestic routes in India, then the fare is almost reasonable. For illustration, there are a lot of factors that are taken into consideration while calculating the airfare for your pet. For example, things that will be noticed of include weight of your pet, crate size, destination and the route you choose. The total cost of relocating your pet to its destination in India by air travel is approximately some thousand rupees.

Besides that, it’ll require you  to complete the documentation process at the airport which is a requisite for the entry and exit of your pets. It must be remembered that making pet travel arrangements is a time consuming process. Therefore, it’s imperative that you save some time for completing the formalities and the documentation process when planning to fly to India.


Important Points To Consider For Pet Relocation

  • Planning your overseas trip along with your pet can be quite a tedious process. You must possess all the necessary information pertaining to the type of pet as well as the destination country you want to travel. Apart from that, it’s necessary to check the scheduled dates you would like to commence your journey on.
  • Likewise, it’s essential that you confirm whether you want to transport the pet in a cargo or with the person inside the cabin of the aircraft. Acclimating your pet to the environment you want to transfer him in is equally important.
  • Another thing that is important to realize is make sure you consult with your veterinarian before you plan to transport your pet. To put it another way, it’s good if you beforehand take your furry friend for a check-up and ensure everything is good with his health. Flights from USA to India take a significant amount of time to cover the distance and it won’t be feasible to transport your pet if he has some health issues.


Some Of The Important Points To Consider

  • The cost of pet relocation from USA to India.
  • The total expenses of transporting your dog from USA to India.
  • How expensive is it to fly a cat from USA to India!
  • What are the important questions that you need to address before planning to travel from USA to India?


Total Cost Of Pet Travel

One of the most important and helpful ways to understand Pets Travel from USA to India is by reading reviews of the people who have done this in the past. In fact, you can obviously learn a lot by the experiences they have shared online.

This can perhaps even help you to get a good knowledge of the paperwork and the documentation process you need to follow. Let’s have a look at some of the important details regarding the total cost of pet travel by air.

  • If you are traveling with United or American Airlines, an in-cabin ticket would approximately cost around $125 for your pet. However, you’ll get to know the exact cost of transporting your pet when you ultimately book your flight.
  • Preferring to fly your cat or any other pet by cargo will incur more expenses. The pets size, weight, age and the destination will all be taken into consideration. This will then finalize the cost of your pet’s transportation.
  • One of the most ubiquitous ways to find out the exact cost for transportation of your pet is by contacting the airlines directly. It must be remembered that a pre-flight veterinarian check-up would certainly attract additional fees.
  • If we have to give you an idea, flying with a small dog via cargo domestically can range between $270 to $300. Similarly, if you are transporting a large dog then the charges can be around $1000. On the other hand, if you are transporting your pet internationally, the amount to make this happen can surely vary.


What Are The Ways That Allow You To Transport Your Cat?

A lot of people travel between USA and India and some of them often carry their pets along with them. It’s not at all surprising that their primary concern is booking cheap tickets to India whenever they are traveling with their pets. Therefore, it’s quite important to understand what are the ways that allow you to travel cheaply by air with your pets! Well, as we are talking about cats in particular this time, there are two ways you can do so.

Firstly, your pet can definitely travel in the cabin along with you. However, it’s only possible when the cat size, its carrier is small and it’s possible to accommodate it in front of the passenger. Likewise, if your pet is 20 pounds, then it’s quite easy for you to manage.

The under seat area of different aircraft’s vary and there are certain limitations on the exact number of pets that flight carriers allow. Moreover, some of the airlines restrain them from allowing any pets on board, so it’s better to confirm beforehand. If you transport your cat on a carry-on luggage, then the cost of transportation would be less.

The other available option is to transport your cat by flying as cargo. In other words, the cat will travel inside a compartment where the temperature and pressure conditions are monitored. Once you have reached your destination, you can consider booking pet taxis for commuting further. In fact, doing this is obviously a smart thing to do as you’ll be able to transfer your pet directly to your residence.



Traveling with pets internationally can be quite bothersome if you do not have the needed ken for doing it effortlessly. Therefore, understanding all the rules and regulations related to Pets Travel from USA to India is absolutely indispensable.

We hope this article will help you the next time you travel by air and bring your pet along with you. It all depends on all the important factors we have discussed above in ultimately ascertaining the total cost of transporting your pet. To point out, it’s always wise to confirm with the airline you wish to book your tickets with.

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