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Chicago Airports Are Now Offering Free Wi-Fi Services To All Travelers!


On Sunday, the Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) announced that free wireless internet access is now available at Chicago’s two major airports. These Chicago-based airports like O’Hare and Midway international airports are now offering free Wi-Fi services with streaming capability to all travellers.

The airports are replacing time-based free Wi-Fi sessions at all locations in the airports. The CDA said the new service, which is being provided by Boingo Wireless, comes courtesy of advertisers.

Improved Wi-Fi Service at Chicago Airports

The Commissioner of CDA Ginger S. Evans said, “We are happy to announce that O’Hare and Midway now offer free unlimited Wi-Fi to better serve our passengers by keeping them connected throughout their airport journey. This new service integrating new technology and platforms that enhance the passenger experience at Chicago’s airports.”

Previously, the airports offered free Wi-Fi connection for 30 minutes limit to all customers. But now, the passengers can access the unlimited free wireless internet, with rolling advertisements every 45 minutes. Apart from this, the agency also offers daily or monthly Boingo subscriptions for faster internet speeds.

The CDA said the new service comes at no cost to the city. The world’s first such network was deployed at O’Hare in 2013.

Enhanced Wi-Fi Experience with Passpoint

In addition to this, the passengers can access the through Pass point. It is an internet hotspot technology that automatically connects travellers to Wi-Fi networks without requiring log-ins or passwords.

The Boingo’s CEO and board chairman David Hagan said, “Pass point is a wireless industry standard that makes Wi-Fi automatic and seamless, much like the experience a passenger has when using his or her cellular service. Travelers can enjoy simplified ways to get online and stay online with Pass point and unlimited free Wi-Fi sessions.”

The CDA’s 2 new programs designed to modernize and prepare the airports for future growth. The programs will include “new security as well as advanced technologies designed to provide a more seamless experience for customers traveling through Chicago.”

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