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Unlock Your Wanderlust Dreams with These Best Travel Credit Cards 2023


There once was a time when cash reigned supreme, but credit cards have now steadily seized power over his empire, and there is no turning back. Besides that, this change has come to the aid of those who travel frequently and want to keep their money in their pockets. Before we move ahead, do you know how many types of travel credit cards are available in the market? Well, if the base is fragile, then digging deep will provide you with nothing. Let’s find out Best Travel Credit Card 2023 so that you can book your flights easily before beating the gun.


There are Two Types of Travel Credit Cards:

While choosing the top credit cards for travel, your decision will hang between these two cards. Co-Branded Credit Card, General Credit Card

Let’s Discuss In Detail

Co Branded Credit Cards: These are known as partnership cards and represent two brands. These cards are sponsored by two organizations, one is a retailer such as a hotel or airline, and the other is a bank or card network, for instance, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. So, the card has the names of both the merchant and the card issuer, also known as the credit card network processor.

Observation: Many airlines, such as Delta, issue co-branded credit cards through American Express; similarly, American Airlines issues its cards through MasterCard. This means that any travel rewards you earn can only be redeemed with the airline or hotel from which you choose to obtain a travel credit card.

General Travel Credit Card: These cards have no link with any particular airline or hotel. These cards abide by the logos of card issuer (bank or credit union) and the network (visa and MasterCard.) However, because Discover and American Express both serve as issuers and networks. That is to say, the card may only have one logo, so you can use it anywhere that accepts it.

Under this, you can choose to use your travel points for any kind of travel expense. Not to mention, you are not permitted to do so by any airline or hotel. You can either earn points for future flights or redeem them for benefits.

Travel credits are proven to be the best when it comes to flight booking, including USA TO INDIA FLIGHTS, whether you have important work or a relaxed homecoming. In addition, credit can help you get the best deals on international travel, which can help you save a lot of money.


When should we use general travel cards?

When you are more interested in flying with the cheapest airlines than earning rewards. While booking USA to India flights, a general credit card will provide you with more benefits. Thus, co-branded cards are considered to be the best for airline miles. However, if you are someone who understands how to use your card effectively. You will ultimately experience more advantages than you can possibly imagine.


When should we use co-branded travel cards?

If you are a frequent traveler and a loyal person to particular airlines, whenever you book a flight, your card will unlock several benefits, such as priority boarding, free upgrades, and cheap tickets on Non Stop flights.

Sometimes, due to a medical emergency or homesickness, we wish to reach our destination as fast as we can, thus making our time valuable. Apart from that, credit cards can help us get cheap flights and great deals.

The argument over how to distinguish between the two cards is never-ending. In order to reduce your flight expenses, judging which of two cards is better is a very effective activity. However, it entirely depends on your spending patterns and personal preferences. Whatever suits you, matches your budget, and syncs with your lifestyle is a card you should move ahead with. By using credit cards, you can also book your last minute flights USA in very little time. So, remember that there is no bad travel card—only one that suits your objectives.


Some other benefits of Travel Credit Cards

Travel credits are cards that are customized according to the needs of a traveler. These credit cards offer amenities such as airport lounges and insurance benefits to make cardholders’ travel experiences more pleasant. Nevertheless, in most cases, they provide a higher reward rate on travel expenses like hotel reservations. Sometimes many travel cards earn rewards as air miles, which can be used while booking air tickets or reward flights.



Travel credit cards are typically offered in collaboration with an airline, an online travel portal, or a hotel reward chain. These co-branded credit cards usually offer a higher reward for spending on a partner airline or travel portal. Additionally, we usually also get some exclusive benefits, like complimentary membership in the partner airlines’ frequent flier program. Examples of co-branded credit cards include the Axis Bank Insta credit card and the Citibank Cash Back credit card, which are also among the best travel credit card 2023.

While the majority of credit cards are only available in conjunction with an airline or a travel portal. Some travel cards are also generic, which means they are designed for travelers but do not offer any additional benefits for spending with a specific airline or travel portal. Examples of such cards are American Express Premium Travel Credit and RBL Bank World Safari Credit.



We have pretty much shared everything we have to share about the best travel credit card 2023 that travelers can use during their journey to initiate big savings. If you want to book cheap international flights at the best available fares, get in touch with MintFares. We will try our level best to make your travel journey full of comfort and hassle free. You can even call us for any query; our team is always ready to serve you.