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Best Economy Food: Top ‘5’ Airlines With The Best Economy Class Meals!


For most global travelers, one thing that is never going to change is flying in coach class with those first class seats that are out of reach forever. But, with recent changes and advancements in airline services, flying on best economy class no longer is hectic whether the flight is a long-haul overnighter or just a short domestic flight. There are usually plenty of creature comforts on offer to make things better.

When it comes to airline food, the changes have been colossal. The airlines offer the onboard meal that prepares the dishes and healthy dining with the tastes and cultures. Be sure to check out this selection of the best economy food to make sure you get the most flavorsome trip.

  1. Cathay Pacific Airways

Cathay Pacific prepared the menus of their economy class with the flavors of Hong Kong cuisine. The airline is offering the perfect culinary introduction to travelers heading across to bustling Kowloon, Causeway Bay, and Victoria Harbour or the stylish eateries of Wan Chai. You can also get oodles hot noodle soups, oriental curries, and freshly-cooked rice dishes. Apart from this, you can also either make a special request. With a twist of spice to gluten-free dishes and low lactose foods, Cathay offers from vegetarian Hindu curries.

  1. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines offer a mishmash of flavors from right across the globe. You can also get Chinese noodles in spicy gravy sauce on some flights and on others there are Italian ragus with steamed vegetables. Some passengers can enjoy the bubbling curries straight out of Little India and others passengers can settle for marinated chicken breasts or fish. This one also offers a range of sweet treats for dessert; complete with muffins and ice cream.

  1. Lufthansa

Infusing with the flavors of the continent and the Med, economy passengers can enjoy a healthy, fresh and tasty range of refreshments. The airline offers the juicy fruits, crispy croissants, heavy rye bread, and soups galore. For travelers with specific dietary needs, Lufthansa also has plenty of options from gluten-free meals to low cholesterol foods.

  1. Etihad Airways

This airline has a simple a la carte menu in three separate main courses. A fully complementary bar service that has beers, spirits and international wines and a separate café for tea, coffee, and pastry snacks to boot. With Emirati curries rubbing shoulders with saffron rice, next to oodles of international staples, the passengers can enjoy a load of Middle Eastern flavors.

  1. Delta Air Lines

On international and domestic US routes, Economy passengers can get a taste of Delta’s improved in-flight food. The carrier now offers free meals on a dozen of its longest domestic flights. The Flyers of delta airlines can receive menus with three options each for breakfast and lunch like a fruit and cheese plate and a whole grain veggie wrap. On international routes, the airline has a more attractive culinary program including possible partnerships with well-known chefs.

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