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Avail Offers Best From USA To India Business Class Flights On Mint Fares!


Business class are more suitable for those who are travelling for a business trip. People generally get confused between business class and first class flight. Well! Let me just clear this for you that business class flights are similar to flight class. Business class flights have the same kind of services just like first class flights but at cheaper rates. Strange but that is true!

Business class will provide all the things which are provided by the first class flights . And there is no big difference between both the flights except the rates. So, why to spend more money for the same services. Be a smart flyer and book business class flights instead of first class flights.

And you can avail this opportunity of booking your business class flight with the mint fares at a suitable price without looking into your bank account.


Something new about business class!


Use wi-fi while flying in the air!

Business class flight are made keeping business clients in mind i.e people who are going on a business trip might need wi-fi while flying. Therefore all the business class flights have that advantage of free wi-fi with full network coverage. If you have not prepared your stuff before flight then not to worry you can do that in flight.


Food with a drink!

All the business class people will greet with delicious food made by the top chef. You can also enjoy the chillness of various drinks according to your taste. Get a chance to taste drinks that you want to have during flight.


Comfortableness in the air!

It is very difficult to sit all the time on seats without moving a bit. Hence, business class flights have an advantage of recline and lay flat where you can sit comfortably and even have a privilege of laying done in flight. Even you can take advantage of leg room which is a welcome bonus to all our business class flyers.


The special advantage to business class flyers!

Business class customers are very prior to every airline. They assist there issue first then any other frequent flyer. And the best part is that you don’t have to pay extra for the service. Get a solution for your every query at a special desk which is set for all the business class customer in every airport.

So if you are thinking of travelling to India for your business trip then you can take all these advantages while travelling.

There are special offers currently going for all our business customer, so if your finding tickets for you then I must say you are on the right track! Check on the mint fare to avail the best offers on the USA to India business class flight.

We not only provide you with the tickets according to your budget but also provide you with the best support service which is there to make sure your stay will be comfortable and best in India.

This is a limited offer so hurry up! before it will be too late and someone else will take this advantage before you. We wish you a happy stay and a successful business deal.




Q1. How can I get cheaper business class flights?


  • Don’t book them. Businessclass can cost as much as five times more than a coach ticket
  • Remain loyal
  • Easy up
  • Use elite or airline credit cards
  • Buy the points
  • Fly when business travelers aren’t
  • Watch for the open seat
  • Upgrade at check-in

Q2. How do I get the best deal on airline tickets?


  • Book the flight seven weeks in advance
  • Buy at the best time: Tuesdays at 3 p.m. EST
  • Fly on the cheapest days, which are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday
  • Fly out early
  • Check low-cost airline prices individually
  • Sign up for free price alerts

Q3. Why Business Class is so expensive?

Ans: Business class flights offer passengers many perks and facilities that make the whole flight experience really comfortable and add a sense of exclusivity and luxury. Although business class flights may seem pretty expensive at first sight, frequent flyers may get some great discounts when they use miles and points.


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