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American Airlines Checked Baggage Fees: A Comprehensive New Policy


American Airlines, one of the largest airlines in the United States, recently implemented a new policy in their charges that has elicited mixed reactions from passengers. The airline will begin charging checked bag fees immediately, eliciting both praise and criticism from the travel community. The American airlines checked bag cost will be $75 for international passengers. This is the fee for the first checked bag, and the fee will increase as the number of bags increases.

Traditionally, American airlines allowed passengers to check their bags free of charge. This policy was often seen as a customer-friendly approach, setting the airline apart from its competitors. However, the industry wide challenges posed by rising fuel costs and increased operational expenses have led American Airlines to reevaluate its strategy.

The decision to introduce checked bag fees was not taken lightly, as American airlines acknowledged the potential backlash from passengers who have grown accustomed to the convenience of free baggage. According to the officials, international flight tickets to and from Asia, Europe, and Oceania will be eligible for fees if they are purchased after June 6, 2023.


The American Airlines Checked Bag Cost

The fees will be charged each way per person.

Region 1 Bag Fee
2 Bag Fee 3 Bag Fee 4 Bag Fee
Domestic $30 $40 $150 $200
Mexico $30 $40 $200 $200
Haiti $30 $40 $200 $200
Caribbean $30 $40 $200 $200
Central America $30 $40 or $65 $200 $200
Guyana and Suriname $30 $40 $200 $200
Panama / South America $45 $65 $200 $200
Transatlantic $75 $100 $200 $200
Transpacific $75 $100 $200 $200

This news is worth noting if you are going to book economy class tickets for your trip, because with these fees, passengers have to keep extra money in their pockets and expand their budget for the vacation. And if you want to avoid paying these additional fees out of your own pocket, book your ticket using an airline credit card, buy a cabin ticket, or even just book economy class and only bring a carry-on bag. The American airlines checked bag cost will cause decreased customer satisfaction with increased expense can be proved as a drawback. However, Delta and United Airlines continue to only adhere to their previous policy. The travelers can change their preferences by utilizing these factors.


How will this new policy affect frequent flyers?

The new policy of American Airlines will affect all passengers except the elite members. Not to mention, AAdvantage Gold members will benefit from one complimentary checked bag and also earn reward points on future flights.

Meanwhile, airlines have advised their passengers to read the updated baggage policy to avoid inconvenience at the last minute, as this step is critical for the company’s financial stability and future.

However, there is no need to worry if you are looking to book cheap flights to India, especially if you can afford to pay these fees on checked bags as well. For this privilege, you just have to contact our travel experts and have a stress free vacation. At MintFares, you can ask us anything about booking flights and international flight fees. We are always happy to help our customers.