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‘7’ Free Complimentary Travel Perks Or Airline Onboard Freebies & Services!


Everybody complains about stingy airlines. The passengers get hectic from shrinking seats to minuscule meals. Savvy travelers have caught on to plenty of airline secrets. But there are many services for frequent flyers through which you can still get plenty of things for free when you fly. If you ask nicely to your flight attendant, then you will probably get at least a few airline freebies. Try it on your next flight.

The travel perks like complimentary celebration cakes, free bus rides and shopping vouchers, etc. So, here are some of the best freebies you can get when flying.

  1. Free Celebration Cake & Champagne

Who doesn’t love free cake? The Singapore Airlines offers the delightful tray which is featured with a fresh cream cake, champagne, strawberries and souvenir teddies. Just tell them about what you’re celebrating, anniversary, wedding or big birthday) before you travel so that they can load the extras on the plane.

On the other hand, there are some airlines that offer the complimentary alcohol for their passengers. They might be few and far between. But it’s worth checking what your airline offers before you fly. The airlines that offer free Champagne:

  • Lufthansa provides the selection of free Champagne, wine, and beer on its flights.
  • Finnair has complimentary beer and wine.
  • Etihad also offers passengers a complimentary bar service, with a range of beers, wines, and spirits to choose from.
  1. Different Seat

Many travelers think once they get a seat, they cannot change it, even if you end up sitting rows and rows away from your travel companion. But reports said that flight attendants will often help the passengers to switch the seats, so you can sit together. Just ask for help quickly after you board. But if they know you want to move, they can help coordinate and find the right moment to make the switch.

  1. Warm Coffee Mug

If you do order coffee when you fly, it gets cold quickly. That’s probably because of cold cabin air. But a report tells that clean coffee mugs often are packed on the same chilled carts as food items. That can make your coffee get cold faster, too. So, just ask the flight attendant to warm up your coffee mug before pouring your coffee.

  1. Hot Chocolate

If you want a hot beverage, then it can be tough to decide what to order. After all the cold drinks, sodas and juices that are packed with sugar, hot chocolate is another option on many flights. It might not be completely innocent in the sugar department, but it is best option. You probably cannot see it on the menu stuffed into the seatback pocket. But a report said many airlines offer hot chocolates for travelers who know to ask.

  1. Amenity Kits

Frequent flyers know traveling in first class can get you an amenity or grooming kit. But there are some airlines, which offer the free amenity kits to economy class travelers. Some airlines even hand out socks, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and earplugs on longer flights. And if you need a specific item like earplugs, a pen, a comb, or even a set of playing cards. So, ask the flight attendant whether the airline stocks them.

  1. Free Stopovers

Many airlines arrange a free stopover in that destination and some even throw in a few perks like discount hotel stays and tours too if you are travelling long-haul on a route that involves a transit. These are a few of the most popular stopover deals currently available:

  • Etihad offer 2 for 1 hotel nights in Abu Dhabi Finn Air and 5 nights free in Helsinki on international flights in transit.
  • Iceland Air/ WOW Air offer free stopovers in Iceland on flights between Europe, US and Canada TAP Portugal and 1 night free stay with hotel in Lisbon on international flights travelling from London or Manchester.
  • Qatar Airways offer 1 night free hotel in Doha plus free transit visa for stays up to 96 hours.
  1. Free Hotels & Meal Vouchers

Some airlines offer free hotel stays and meal vouchers if you experience a substantial delay. This is not happen always but if you do experience a cancellation or delay it is worth bearing in mind that you are entitled to accommodation and meals vouchers appropriate to the length of your delay. Always follow the airline’s instruction, stay calm and stay close to crew so you can be among the first to be allocated a room and vouchers.