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6 Airlines With The Best Amenity Kit for Their Passengers


Are you ready for your next trip? Find the best offers on flight tickets and then book your flight. It will let you save some money on your ticket. Let me take your attention towards in-flight facility of amenity kit. It is just to get each facility best if you are paying for your ticket. Think about the best premium products which can get in the same amount at which you are getting the regular one. For this, you must know about the amenity kits of different airlines and decide the best one to fly with.

Qatar Airways:

The Qatar airways provide the amenity kits by Giorgio Armani beauty kit. In business class flights you will get hydrating facial mist, anti-aging moisturizer, lip balm, an eye-mask, a pair of socks, and ear plug. Women are appreciated with Armani Si fragrance and perfumed body lotion. On the other hand, men will get Acqua di Gio fragrance and an aftershave balm.

The new amenity kit has a new collection feature a range of Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio skincare products it includes a lip balm, a hydrating facial mist, anti-aging cream in business. A night recovery cream is also included in the first class. These kits also have Bric’s signature spectacle pouch and hairbrush in first. No matter you are traveling for business or leisure, you’ll find the best amenity kits that meet both your in-flight and post-flight needs.


Emirates Airlines:

Emirates Airlines which is the national carrier of Dubai famous for luxury travel. There are Bulgari amenity kits for men and women both in the Emirates. The bags are for Charcoal grey color for men and pale grey colored kit for women. Inside the bags, passengers are offered with the moisturizer, perfume, and soft pajamas.

Emirates’ water-resistant amenity kits are filled with travel essentials. They help you to arrive feeling fresh. Kit includes a toothbrush and toothpaste, eyeshade, socks and earplugs. You can use them again for your makeup, devices, as a travel wallet, wash bag and many more things. You can enjoy our amenity kits on selected flights.

Read More (https://www.emirates.com/in/english/experience/cabin-features/economy-class/amenity-kits/)


Air France:

Amenity kit by Air France has a complete selection of Carita facial and body care products. Other than this you are going to receive slippers, loungewear, dust bag, luxury beauty products, moisturizing cream, ear plugs, sleeping mask, pen, comb and an eye mask for relaxing. Amenity kit contains headphone protectors, a dental kit and a pair of flight socks.


Singapore Airlines:

In Singapore airlines, you will receive super-stylish Salvatore Ferragamo bag which has received the best amenity kit award. First class passengers may get the luxurious toiletries and perfumes by Salvatore Ferragamo. The amenity kit includes slippers, sleeping suit, moisturizer, and lip balm to make the passengers comfortable on-board. Singapore Airlines provides you amenities like toothbrush kits, socks, combs, eyeshades, and earplugs available in its lavatories or through the cabin crew.


British Airways:

British Airways amenity kit serves skincare products by Aromatherapy Associates. Luxe unisex spa and line elemis skincare will make you feel refreshed and relaxed in the flight. Basic items such as eye mask, toothbrush paste, and other skin products by Elemis.

Female Amenity Kit

  • Micellar facial wipes for cleansing
  • Soothing apricot facial wipe
  • Pro-collagen rose mist
  • Ultra smart pro-collagen matrix moisturizer
  • Ultra smart pro-collagen eye cream
  • Hydra-nourish lip balm
  • Sea lavender and samphire hand cream
  • Fortitude deodorant


Male Amenity Kit

  • Ultra smart pro-collagen eye cream
  • Ultra smart pro-collagen matrix moisturizer
  • Cleansing micellar facial wipe
  • Skin soothe shave gel
  • Fortitude deodorant
  • Hydra-nourish lip balm


Cathay Pacific:

Cathay Pacific is known for its amenity bags. Women passengers flying in first class get a Trussardi clutch with products from Australia’s own Aesop. On the other hand, while the gents’ Ermenegildo Zegna kit contains salves from Acca Kappa. The business class kit includes socks with a nice grip, eye mask, earplugs, toothbrush-paste, lip balm, mouth wash, and herbal serum.

So, if you have left your kit with essentials at home then you don’t worry. The airlines are here to provide you premium products that will be favorable for your skin. So next time you fly with these airlines don’t miss the chance to use these high-quality products of award-winning amenity kits. Check the best offers in flight tickets and pick affordable business class seats.


1.> Which airline has the best amenity kit?



2.> Do you get an amenity kit on Emirates?

Ans:- Our water-resistant amenity kits are filled with travel essentials to help you arrive feeling fresh, including a toothbrush and toothpaste, eye shade, socks and ear plugs. You can enjoy our amenity kits on selected flights.

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